What You Need To Know About Vaccinations in Charleston WV


It is the responsibility of every person to take care of their health and that of the people around them. The good thing about modern medicine is the fact that for the diseases that pose a common risk to the health infants and the general population, there are vaccines. Most vaccines contain a weakened form of the virus or bacteria that causes a sickness. When one is injected with the weakened form of the pathogen, the body is forced to create antibodies to fight back. As a result, the body will have antibodies against the pathogen from that point onwards. Here are the things you need to know about getting Vaccinations in Charleston WV.

*    There are certain health problems that are preventable, but not curable: For instance, conditions like polio, even though not common in the country, are still a menace in other parts of the world. Polio has no cure, but vaccination prevents it. Therefore, when you vaccinate your child, you will be protecting them from life-altering and even fatal illnesses.

*    Vaccinations are safe and effective: Most people that stay away from vaccines do so because of the misconception that the weakened form of the pathogens might affect them. However, it is important to note that clinical tests are done on the vaccines before approval by the FDA. The FDA only approves the use of vaccines that have been tested and proven safe.

*    Immunization saves time and money: It is always easier to prevent a problem than to cure it. For instance, taking a flu shot is a simple 2-minute exercise. However, when you miss it, you will be leaving yourself vulnerable to flu, missing work, and the risk of complications such as sinusitis, pneumonia and other complications.

*    Protection of the future generations: Another great thing about vaccinating your child is that you will be helping to eliminate some life threatening conditions. For instance, a few generations ago, smallpox was a big problem, but through vaccination, it is almost completely wiped out.

These are the reasons for getting vaccinations in Charleston WV. DOT Drug Testing is the best place to get tested and trusted vaccines.