What You Need to Know About Mobility Bathrooms


You’d be surprised just how often you will hear stories how the installation of mobility products in bathrooms have changed lives for the better. For those looking for mobility bathrooms in Barnstaple, You need truly unique and innovative products to help you in and out of the bathtub. Many of us take for granted our personal hygiene and it is only until we reach an older age that simple things such as cleaning oneself become more difficult and more of a chore. Many customers report one regret only – and that is that they had wished they had installed the product earlier as it would have saved them months and even years of hassle just to wash themselves.

No More Slips or Falls

When getting into the bathtub there is a surprisingly large chance (especially for those with disabilities) that you may trip, slip or fall over. This could potentially lead to serious injuries that could keep you in hospital or bed for weeks. With the installation of a bath lift, long gone will be the days of having to have someone help you in and out of the bathtub, but rather you will gain a similar kind of freedom you had when you were younger.

Quality of Life

It goes without saying that being free to move around your home quickly and efficiently is something needed by everyone. If every morning you dread going up or down the stairs or getting into the bathtub, then the installation of a mobility product will immediately remove this concern from your head. This will give you the peace of mind you’ve been seeking and not only this, but will likely cut down the time it takes you to wash and bathe, meaning you have more time to do the things you want to do during the day.

Inexpensive Solutions

Some of the products on offer come at a very low price – as low as £390 for a state of the art bath lift. Though some individuals may say this is a high price, they have not thought about this logically as a bath lift is an investment for the rest of your life and not a purchase you will use only temporarily. In addition you don’t have to worry about the motor breaking as they are specifically designed to be extremely durable and waterproof.

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