What you Need to Know About Bail Bonds Alvarado TX

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A bail bond is a written promise signed by a defendant or a surety to settle a sum of money set by a court of law. This is done in the event the defendant does not appear in court to answer to the charges against him/her at the specified date and time. It helps in the acquisition of a defendant’s release while he/she is awaiting trial. Bail Bonds Alvarado TX are often posted by a defendant, his family and friends or a professional bail bond agent by filling out a document promising to forfeit the amount of money set by the court in case the defendant fails to turn up for trial. How Bail Bonds Works

Since most defendants are unable to post their bail, they often seek the assistance of a bail agent who posts their bail for a fee of between 10 and 20 percent of the set amount. The agent is then held liable by the court to pay the entire bail amount if the defendant does not appear for trial. However, before an agent takes up the risk of posting the bail, he/she asks for collateral to act as security against any losses than may be incurred. Liability of Bail Bonds Alvarado TX ends when the defendant fulfills bond conditions by appearing in court for trial or when it is impossible to implement bond conditions such as in the instance of a defendant’s death or by his/her detention, arrest or imprisonment due to another offense. However, in case a defendant does not appear for trial, an arrest warrant is issued for him/her with the amount of bond paid being forfeited by the court. The bail bond agent then hires a bounty hunter to track down the defendant and take them to court for trial while either suing the defendant for money paid for their bond or claiming assets used for collateral. Benefits of a Bail Bond

* Helps in the protection of a defendant’s rights
* Enables defendants retain their employment since they are able to avoid being jailed
* Ensures individuals do not stay in jail longer than they have to

There exists a number of bail bond agents in Alvarado TX who can help you out in case you are unable to raise bail. Vaughn’s Quick Bail Bonds is among the agents you should contact as they guarantee fast and efficient posting of bail.