When Do You Need a Helping Hand of a Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Rochester NY?

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Lawyers

Injuries can occur in your workplace when you least expect it. Such injuries could turn your life upside down, and if you do not seek help of an attorney, you might not get compensation for the damage you suffer. Often, employers tend to turn a blind eye on issues pertaining to workers’ safety. Consulting with a Worker’s Compensation in Rochester NY helps you get the compensation for losses and damages you suffer. Workplace accidents may leave you with severe injuries that require surgery. At times, you may not be able to do regular work, and you have to change your job.

When accidents occur in the workplace, they may leave the employee with a trail of damages ranging from bodily injuries to lost wages. Here are a number of damages and losses, which would require you to seek the help of a worker’s compensation attorney:

*    Bodily injuries:

Whether it is a machine that has malfunctioned or an object hitting you on the head, you may sustain severe bodily injuries. You may suffer from broken bones, spinal cord injury, bruises, or burns. Depending on the nature of accident and injuries sustained, you can be compensated the right amount for damages with the help of an attorney.

*    Lost wages:

During the time you are receiving treatment, the doctor may recommend that you stay at home until you recover. Since you are not attending to your work-related duties, you will lose your wages. The employer is required to compensate you for such lost wages.

*    Inability to continue doing your job:

Some accidents can cause severe injuries that may leave you with permanent disabilities, meaning that you are unable to continue working. You might even have to change your job to align with your new health status. This requires you to undergo training to introduce you into a new working environment.

Regardless of your workers’ compensation claim, you are entitled to seek an attorney to assist you with the legal process of obtaining recovery for damages you have incurred or suffered. Hiring a professional Worker’s Compensation in Rochester NY places you in a competitive position to get the right compensation. Contact Vincent J. Criscuolo Esq. by visiting  to discover how you can deal with your worker’s comp lawsuit competently.

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