Need Help With Child Custody in Nassau County, NY?


Are you currently in the process of a divorce or dispute over Child Custody in Nassau County, NY? Unfortunately, one of the most common fights when any marriage dissolves involves the children and who will retain custody of them. The details of custody and visitation can get very complicated. The judge making these decisions can hold your life in his hands in many ways, so it makes sense to retain a highly skilled attorney at law to help you successfully win any custody fight. Depending upon the situation, your attorney may be able to stop this from becoming a drawn out legal battle so it is always well worth taking advantage of your attorney’s negotiating skills.

The approach that attorneys like Cobert, Haber and Haber Child Custody Lawyer In Nassau County, NY take to child custody cases depends on the individual case. When you have your initial meeting with the attorney, it will be helpful if you bring any divorce paperwork that has already been filed, along with any legal paperwork involving custody and visitation if it exists already.

Legal custody is something that is usually shared between the two parents. Legal custody allows for the making of major decisions about your child’s life, but it does not involve physical custody. Physical custody refers to where the child actually lives. Primary physical custody is typically awarded to one parent or the other, with the non custodial parent being given visitation. Your attorney will explain the differences in the potential custody and visitation arrangements to you and how they may impact your life, since each case is unique.

Another major facet of any case involving Child Custody in Nassau County, NY can be the child support. In many cases (although not always) the parent with primary physical custody will be eligible to receive child support payments from the non custodial parent. This does depend upon the income of both parents, upon the needs of the child, and upon the ability of each parent to support the child in their current lifestyle. Since child support is often hotly contested, your attorneys at Cobert, Haber and Haber, LLP will strive to make sure you get everything that you and your child deserve.