Need a Foot Doctor? Here’s How To Find a Great One!


If you have foot pain or discomfort, visible changes in the color of one or both of your feet, numbness or tingling in your feet, a diagnosis of diabetes, or a chronic foot condition, then you need to visit a foot doctor. Finding just the right foot doctor in Spring Texas can be challenging with so many options. This article will help guide you through finding the perfect foot doctor just for you and your family.

Great Foot Doctors Have: Empathy

Empathy is having the ability to recognize the feelings of someone else, and it is one of the most sought after personality traits patients look for in their doctor. Recent online polls and studies suggest that Americans want a doctor who sees them as a person and not just a medical condition. No one wants to visit a doctor who makes him or her feel like a number in a line. You want to find a doctor who understands how your condition affects your overall life and would be willing to find ways to help your life by helping to improve your condition.

Here are some clues that you’ve found an empathetic foot doctor. When you visit you feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed. The doctor shows interest in you by allowing you time to talk about your condition and asks you questions. An empathetic doctor understands how your condition impacts your life and what your goals are for the future. He or she will also help you to define your goals, ensuring that they are realistic and attainable. In exchange you should feel like a partner with your doctor as you both discuss a plan that offers you hope and focuses on achieving the goals you outlined as important to you. Finally, an empathetic doctor will take time to explain his or her instructions to you. When you have had an encounter with a foot doctor who shows empathy, you will leave the office understanding the plan and the role you play in achieving your goals.

Great Doctors Have: The Right Training

Podiatrists are specialists. They must complete four years of undergraduate study before continuing on to an additional four years of study, which focuses on the specialty of podiatry. You can and should find out where your podiatrist completed their degree requirements. This will help you to have confidence knowing that they in fact received the necessary training needed to care for you and your family. Additionally, most states require podiatrists to complete a residency rotation, which allows the physician to gain confidence as they utilize their skills in the practice setting. This is where their 8 years of acquired knowledge is put to use under the direction of experienced podiatrists. When looking for a foot doctor in Spring TX, residency rotation is a requirement. Find out where your potential doctor completed his or her residency rotation. This will bring you greater confidence knowing they have been trained thoroughly. Your foot doctor should also continue his or her education by receiving continuing education credits annually.

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