Need Elder Care? Assisted Living Experts in Fairfax, VA Can Help

Senior Living

Many people are faced with the problem of caring for ageing parents. However, busy schedules or living far apart can make this almost impossible. Most people want to keep an eye on the elderly but still give them their independence. The at-home care specialists offer medical and non-medical services, including:

  • Daily Living Help: Many seniors live a full, independent life, but may need help with some things. When seniors need at-home elder care families can arrange exactly the services they need. Visiting assisted living in Fairfax, VA can provide light housekeeping, errand running, meal preparation, and help with personal needs, among other things. Caregivers will coordinate with family, so they are always aware of their relative’s needs and overall well-being.
  • Respite Care: Even when an elderly relative lives nearby, it can be exhausting trying to meet all of their changing needs. Assisted living professionals can help, by providing respite care. When they need occasional elder care family caregivers can get the time and rest, they need, by scheduling at home visits by assisted living professionals.
  • Memory Care Help: Some seniors suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s but still want to stay at home for as long as possible. Specially trained caregivers can visit those who have memory issues and assist with daily living. They will ensure that patient medication, hygiene, and daily needs are met. Family members will also get a report on their loved one’s progress.
  • Serious Illness Care: Often the elderly feel more comfortable and secure in their own home’s, even when they are very sick and need help. Visiting assisted living in Fairfax, VA can help, by providing care that is tailored to each patient’s needs. Medical and non-medical personnel will care for daily needs, and families can also arrange 24-hour nursing care. Professionals will coordinate care plans with family and keep them posted on any changes in their patient’s condition.

Families who are worried about the welfare of elderly relatives may not have the time to care for them. They may also live too far away to help. The assisted living in Fairfax, VA solves these problems for many. Professionals visit the elderly and provide services that are arranged by family. These range from occasional respite services to 24-hour care. Visit The Virginian Retirement Community for more details.