Need to Dispose of Scrap Metal or Construction Waste? A Recycling Plant in Hartford, CT can Help


Factories and contractors deal with many different types of materials to create products and structures for their customers. No matter how carefully they measure, there are always some scrap metals and other materials left over. In the case of contractors, they may even have to demolish structures to build new ones. There are strict federal and state guidelines that determine how these metals and demolition debris must be handled. They are based on the need to protect the environment. Therefore large fines can be imposed if the proper Recycling procedures aren’t followed. Businesses can reduce their liability by hiring professionals to perform their Recycling in Hartford, CT.

Factories often have very predictable manufacturing schedules. They can have a series of roll-of containers placed in convenient locations to gather the various types of scrap metals that are produced on the assembly line. Business Name will send out trucks to pick up the scrap ensuring that it never overflows and the surrounding area remains neat and clean. Their recycling plant is conveniently located so that they can easily serve all of Connecticut and Rhode Island. They have a large fleet of trucks. Therefore if a factory needs add an extra shift to met an unexpected demand, the company can quickly increase its scrap metal pickups.

Contractors that are tearing down an older building often don’t have an exact idea of the nature of the debris that they will be handling. This Recycling in Hartford, CT company can handle a wide variety of materials including large porcelain bathtubs and sinks, appliances and large HVAC systems, all types of flooring, plastic piping and siding, non-asbetos insulation, roof shingles, and painted treated and coated wood. Contractors can opt to bring the debris to the recycling center or have the recycling center pick it up for them. If there is an overwhelming amount of construction debris, the company has all of the equipment necessary to remove it from the site. They can also clean up the site afterward. Because Business Name pays for all of the scrap metal, these revenues can help pay for the professional clean-up service.