Do You Need An Attorney In Mason OH?

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Law

In today’s society we have such a plethora of laws, regulations and ordinances introduced to help organize a civilized life for us from, literally, the “cradle to the grave”. When Moses came down with ten tablets instructing us how to live our lives, it may have seemed very cut and dried. “Thou shalt not kill” – what could be clearer than that? But, does it mean that you cannot squash a bug or that a soldier is not allowed to kill the enemy in wartime?

It’s All In The Interpretation

Society is not a static thing frozen forever in time, it is constantly evolving and interactions between its members are growing ever more complex. If law is to be the glue that binds us together in an orderly manner, then the law must move with the times. Before we started riding horses and then driving motor cars; was there any need for speeding laws?

Constitutions and Government (national and local) compile the laws and introduce them but there is no guarantee that they “get it right” all the time. Often, it falls to the Courts to interpret how a law should be applied.

Since we now have so many laws, no single judge could hope to have sufficient knowledge to make decisions on all of them so the system relies on lawyers and attorneys to present the arguments for or against an interpretation of a law. These arguments need to be as precise as possible and the lawyers themselves will have dedicated their learning and experience to particular fields and subjects so as to be as knowledgeable as possible.

Knowledge Is Power

Even as a law abiding person, there will be times when you might need legal advice and are seeking the services of an Attorney in Mason, OH. If, for example, you need advice on how to ensure that, after your demise, your estate is disposed of exactly in accordance with your wishes; you would seek advice from someone knowledgeable in inheritance law rather than a lawyer who knows the traffic laws inside out.

The old saying about “horses for courses” is particularly true when it comes to seeking any advice on legal matters; you do not need just any Attorney in Mason, OH, you need the one who has the background knowledge applicable to your particular problem or requirement.

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