Neck Pain In St Louis Can Be Eliminated With The Help Of A Chiropractor


If you suffer from neck pain, taking over-the-counter medications, muscle relaxers, or painkillers will only mask the pain and not fix the cause. A chiropractor can help you determine the cause and correct it. A chiropractor uses your body’s natural ability to heal by using various techniques to reduce pain, swelling nerve irritation, and strengthen the damaged area.

The cause of Neck Pain in St Louis is usually caused when the spine is not in alignment and a nerve is being irritated. This can cause muscle weakness and referred pain into the head and shoulders. Correcting the problem instead of masking the pain is the goal of a chiropractor.

How Does The Neck Get Out Of Alignment?

For some individual’s simple yard work or stretching to reach something could throw the neck out of alignment. Others can suffer injuries when they were in an automobile accident and are violently jolted during impact. It’s important for a patient to discuss the circumstances leading up to the neck pain, so the chiropractor can use it as part of his diagnosis.


A chiropractor will perform an extensive examination of a patient’s mobility, strength, and nerve reaction to pinpoint the exact location of the injury. In certain situations, a chiropractor will request X-rays of a patient’s neck to determine the alignment problem they are suffering from.

Manual Adjustments

Once a chiropractor determines the cause of the injury, they will perform gentle manipulation of the neck to move the vertebrae back into the correct position. In most cases, this type of treatment does not cause any pain. A patient might hear a popping or cracking noise that is similar to when an individual adjusts their knuckles.


Decompression is ideal for Neck Pain in St Louis. When a disc is bulging, decompression can help it to re-hydrate by gently separate the vertebrae in the neck. In many situations, removing the pressure off of the disc will eliminate the pain caused by an irritated nerve and return the disc to its original location.

If you suffer from neck pain, headaches, tight muscles or any other condition because of a neck injury you’ve received, please Click Here for more information about how chiropractic treatment can help.