Navigating Chicago’s Heating and Cooling Seasons and Being Prepared

by | Dec 13, 2023 | Heating Contractor

Chicago is in the heart of the Midwest. Its unique position brings a remarkable challenge for residents as the weather goes from one extreme to another, which gives an HVAC system a real workout. This area is known for bone-chilling winters with sub-zero temperatures and sweltering summers accompanied by high humidity.

Dealing with Chicago heating and cooling systems can be tricky since maintaining indoor warmth can be challenging with such weather extremes. Those strong lake effect winds can cut like a knife in the Windy City. The HVAC system is necessary to provide warmth during freezing temperatures, so it must be in top shape.

On the other end of the spectrum are extreme humidity and temperatures above 90 degrees in the spring and summer. AC units are mandatory to survive the intense atmosphere and to create a pleasant indoor environment. How does a home easily transition seamlessly through all these drastic weather fluctuations?

The key to household comfort is an up-to-date system with proper maintenance throughout the year. Preventive maintenance or PMs are imperative to ensure a system is in top shape as it experiences a lot of use throughout the year. During these sessions, a technician will run diagnostics and look for signs of something amiss. Things like cleaning coils and changing filters can mean a lot, especially when a unit is approaching its estimated ten-year lifespan.

When it comes to Chicago heating and cooling, trust Heatmasters to get the home through the extremities of nature. With more than 73 years of experience serving the area, this trustworthy company has customers who depend on them to help with all HVAC issues. Whether it’s time for a PM or to upgrade an outdated unit, contact them by visiting their website.

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