Nationwide Programs to Provide Free Smartphones to Low-Income Individuals

Broadband Service

Most people today remember when there was no such thing as a cellular phone. If you needed to communicate with somebody, you either have to be at home, borrow someone’s landline, or use a payphone. With cellular phones, communication is instant. Cell phones also send and receive emails, communicate on social media, and use other communication methods online. Individuals who do not have smartphones are not connected to the most important communication and information source ever created in humanity’s history.

Government agencies are trying to narrow the gap between the wealthy and the poor when it comes to internet access. Part of the way they are doing this is by offering smartphones at a significantly reduced price to individuals with an income level that falls below a certain bracket.

In many homes, these free smartphones represent the only internet access people have. It’s easy for a person who has one or multiple cell phones to think that providing smartphones to the poor is a waste of time or money. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Having access to a cell phone means that low-income individuals can find employment, seek healthcare, stay in communication with friends and family members, and get access to government and social programs essential for their survival.

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