Muslim Matrimony Tips


Once you find, meet, and connect with the right person, marriage typically follows. Happy marriages can be life-changing, providing the love, compassion, and support everyone needs. However, marriage is not always easy. There are a few Muslim matrimony tips you can keep in mind to help you and your spouse weather any difficult times.

Think About Finances

One of the biggest issues that tear couples of all faiths apart is money. Make sure you and your spouse have a detailed conversation about how the family finances are to be handled. Revisit your agreement from time to time, to be sure that everyone is happy with the arrangement. It is not uncommon for the person responsible for the money to feel overburdened or stressed. Likewise, the person without responsibility may feel left out of decisions. Be sure you discuss this topic often to avoid unintentionally harming your spouse.

Read the Nikah Together

Muslim marriage is a contract, with terms that can be negotiated between the parties. In today’s more modern society, it is not uncommon for couples to ask their Imam to provide a copy of the nikah in advance. This gives you each a chance to review it, ensuring you are each happy with the fundamental terms of your marriage. If either one of you has concerns, spend time talking about them with each other, your families, and your Imam.

Grow Together in Faith

Strong couples grow together in faith, and this process starts long before your first fight. Spend time studying the Quran together, discussing sections you find spiritually moving. This is a great way to ensure your spiritual connection continues to tie you together even when your emotional one may be strained.

Just as faith can be tested, so too can the strength of a marriage. Reviewing these and other Muslim matrimony tips throughout your marriage, especially during times of strife, can ensure your bond remains unbroken. For more information visit Eternal Garment.