Moving Companies Offer New Orleans Customers a Variety of Services


It can be intimidating heading to a new city or state. You may have lived in the same place for years and it may take a while to get acclimated to your new environment. This isn’t even to mention the challenge of having to transport all of your belongings miles away. If you don’t want the added concern of whether or not your valuables will arrive in one piece, it’s important to hire a premier provider among the many available moving companies. New Orleans residents should do plenty of research before making a decision on a mover, as it’s important they find the company with service options tailored to their specific needs.

Maybe you’re not headed out of state or city, but only across town. You don’t want all the bells and whistles, just basic assistance with packing, unpacking, and transportation. At the same time, you want attention to detail, as you don’t want a simple operation to turn into a complex and cumbersome ordeal. In this case, you may want to look into a company with a plan offering packing and unpacking, valuation coverage, and access to storage.

Long Distance
If you’re headed to a new city or state you want a service package that offers strategic and logistic moving assistance. Many movers have embraced the advances of the technological age, and are equipped with the expertise to make even an out of state move go quickly and efficiently. If you’re moving out of state or city, you may want to look for a moving company offering the following services:

  • Household goods and automobile transportation
  • Realty insurance
  • Temporary housing
  • Long-term storage

In other cases, it’s not you that needs to move, but rather your company. If you’re ready to upsize, don’t let a fear of office relocation keep you from moving. Some moving companies offer an assortment of commercial moving services that will get you set-up in your new office while saving your company time and money. Commercial moving assistance often includes floor layout plans, files and records transportation, electronics and equipment transportation, and asset management and auctioning.