Motorcycle Accident Attorney Provides Legal Representation for Injured Individuals

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Accident Attorney

Because a motorcycle accident attorney in Logan UT provides a free initial consultation for prospective clients, a person who has been injured in a motorcycle collision can bring the lawyer a list of questions. If he has been unable to work since the accident, he is likely to be undergoing a significant amount of stress, with bills piling up and expenses going unpaid. He may hope for a fast settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, but the lawyer can show him that patience is typically a better strategy.

An automotive insurance company generally wants to settle a case relatively quickly for as low an amount as possible. This is in the company’s best financial interests. An injured individual may be tempted to accept a settlement that pays for his uncovered medical expenses and unpaid bills. His motorcycle accident attorney, however, knows that the settlement should include compensation for other factors.

In Utah, the law allows for a plaintiff to receive compensation for many other aspects of the injury. A plaintiff’s attorney can request compensation for expected future medical expenses and a need for physical therapy, for example. The attorney can request compensation for damages related to physical pain and suffering, as well as for emotional pain and suffering. If the individual must travel for continuing medical treatment or ongoing therapy, his travel expenses should be reimbursed. If he has any scarring from the accident, the attorney can include an amount for disfigurement damages as well. Compensation should not only cover unpaid monthly bills, such as the rent or mortgage payment and utility bills, but the entire loss of income experienced by the injured individual during his recovery time.

Typically, a personal injury attorney does not have to file a lawsuit against the automotive insurance company of the person who was at fault in the motorcycle accident. He provides legal representation for his client and negotiates with the insurance carrier for a reasonable and deserved settlement. The lawyer is knowledgeable about the maximum amounts an insurance company is likely to pay in any given situation. Filing a lawsuit and bringing a case to trial is a lengthy process, so negotiating a settlement outside of court is usually preferable. Call us to know more.

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