Most Important Emergency Reasons To Visit The Dentist in River Hills, WI

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If even an inkling of an idea to visit the dentist has popped into one’s mind, then it is time to go. There are some instances when it will be obvious and other times when it will not be so obvious. Here are some of the top emergency reasons to visit a Dentist in River Hills, WI.

  • If the teeth have become sensitive to either hot or cold temperatures, it can be an indication that a cavity may be present. Putting off a dental visit in this instance could lead to further decay or even a future root canal.
  • Throbbing tooth pain can be the result of an exposed nerve or an infection in the tooth itself. Infections should always be taken very seriously because if they are left untreated, they can develop into a life threatening situation.
  • While tongue pain is generally merely the result of accidentally biting it while chewing or perhaps even burning it while eating or drinking something hot, there are occasionally more sinister reasons for a tongue to hurt. If the pain has been present in the tongue for more than a couple of days, make a visit to the dentist as this can be a symptom of oral cancer.
  • If the gums bleed for no reason at all, this indicates periodontal disease. Make sure to schedule an appointment with a Dentist in River Hills, WI. They will give guidance on how best to proceed with the proper required care.
  • If a tooth has become broken, take care of it as soon as possible. In some cases, it may be possible to repair the tooth or even re-attach it. Delaying any kind of visit to the dentist can have significant consequences.
  • In addition to tongue pain, other signs of oral cancer include unusual lumps or swelling present in the mouth.

For optimum oral health, it is best to schedule regular visits to a dental clinic such as Mequon Smile Design. They can watch for any odd developments and will get to know your mouth so that most kinds of emergencies can be headed off before they happen. You only have one mouth, so make sure to take care of it.