More than Just a Pregnancy Clinic Las Vegas

by | Nov 4, 2011 | Health And Fitness

You may think that a pregnancy clinic Las Vegas is only for expectant mothers, but this is not the case. The Henderson Wellness clinic deals with all kinds of feminine problems from obstetrics to gynecology and skin care as well as holistic health of the whole body. As a patient of this clinic you will be treated as a friend and not just a number. This is very important because women need to feel comfortable with the types of examinations and procedures required during pregnancy and to diagnose medical problems with the female reproductive system.
Gynecology treatments at the pregnancy clinic Las Vegas

Henderson Wellness concerns itself with women’s health in general. This is why this pregnancy clinic Las Vegas has such a high reputation in the region. Where the majority of specialists would recommend a hysterectomy for some uterine and ovarian problems, the doctors at this pregnancy clinic Las Vegas will discuss alternatives to such an invasive surgical method of treating the problem. Urinary problems, such as continued infections and incontinence are also treated here. Teenage girls can start their gynecological treatments at this facility so that they learn at an early age how to take care of their bodies.
Obstetric procedures carried out at the Henderson Wellness pregnancy clinic Las Vegas

The very latest in technology makes this pregnancy clinic Las Vegas the best choice for expectant mothers as well as those who want to conceive. 4D Ultrasounds make it possible for parents to see the baby in action months before it is born. This helps to establish a bond between the baby and the parents at a much earlier time. Women who have had repeated miscarriages and those who have a high risk to miscarry receive all the treatment and the support they need at this facility. Parents can take prenatal classes and enjoy the beauty of natural childbirth. Prenatal care turns into post-natal care after the baby is born.
Spa treatments at a pregnancy clinic Las Vegas

In addition to ensuring the health of mother and baby and of women of all ages, the Henderson Wellness pregnancy clinic Las Vegas is also a medical spa. Facials, microdermabrasion therapy, body sculpting and laser hair removal are just a few of the treatments that women can enjoy at this facility. Colon health is also of utmost importance and the clinic specializes in colon hydrotherapy as one form of detoxifying the colon and ensuring complete body health.
The techniques employed at this pregnancy clinic Las Vegas are designed to be as non-invasive as possible. Along with providing holistic health, patients can avail of instruction that will help them stay in good health and physical condition. Weight loss is a common problem and at this clinic women can participate in a diet program in which they receive a wealth of information, products and personal support to help keep them going when times get tough. Instead of being called a pregnancy clinic Las Vegas, this facility is one concerned with health and wellness of all kinds.


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