Money Saving Tips on Moving from Tulsa Movers


Moving is a very costly and time-consuming experience. This can be true whether the move is local or long distance. The expense of moving is not just about the transporting of items from one location to another. There are also things such as packing, unpacking, packaging supplies, and people to move the actual stuff. Tulsa Movers wants to make it as easy as possible and help to save money when it comes to a move.

Tips to Save Money During the Move


One of the most costly items during a move is to have someone pack boxes. This is something that can be done by the person moving if time can be allotted for this. This is no easy task. Each box would need to be filled carefully so that items do not get broken. The boxes also need to be sealed so that things do not fall out and are ready for the moving company to load.

Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies should be something that can be found for a very inexpensive cost and sometimes even free. Check with neighbors and friends for moving boxes and check with the local grocery or liquor store for larger boxes to pack heavier items. Any breakable items can be wrapped in newspaper. This is a lot less expensive than bubble wrap.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Think about having a garage or yard sale prior to the move. This will allow things that are not needed to be bought by others. Whatever is left after the sale, can be donated to charity to save space during the move.

Time Management

It is important to follow a schedule of what needs to be completed and when and also how long it will take to drive from Point A to Point B. Most moving companies work off of an hourly rate. There are things that can be done before the moving company arriving that can save time as well. Labeling boxes in advance will help with the loading and unloading process. Stacking boxes according to rooms can also save a lot of time. Tulsa Movers wants to invite you to learn about our website and the many ways that the moving transition can be less stressful.