Mold Can Threaten Your Family’s Health

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California bay area homeowners may gradually come to suspect they have a hidden mold problem somewhere in the house when member of the family begin to develop sinister symptoms that cannot be explained. Mold spores, of course, are everywhere – there are very few sterile spaces where there are not mold spores present. We inhale spores all the time, and it is perfectly harmless. However, in airtight modern homes when the conditions are right for mold to begin to develop and proliferate, spores can become more numerous, and some can become toxic enough to make you sick. There is some evidence that when an otherwise healthy human inhales too much mold, or spores that are toxic; various symptoms can begin to occur, which leads many people to seek mold testing in San Francisco.

The symptoms of mold poisoning or allergies are numerous and may seem similar to symptoms of the common cold, including headaches that range from mild to severe (including migraine headaches), stuffed nasal passages or a runny nose, itching and sneezing, nausea, red or watery eyes, sore or itchy throat, sinus congestion, irritability, sleeplessness, and extreme cases forgetfulness or memory problems. This is often enough to motivate many bay area homeowners to look into companies that perform mold testing. San Francisco has several, and it can be extremely important to do so. People who are particularly susceptible to certain kinds of mold may experience exacerbation of other conditions, such as asthma, and problems with respiration that include possible infection. In some cases, research as shown that for small children with certain conditions the presence of toxic black mold can even lead to death.

Usually, the same company that offers restoration services do not perform mold testing  in San Francisco also because of a conflict of interest; however some companies will collect mold samples and submit them to a private lab in order to analyze what kind of mold is on site, as well as the extent of the property damage. If mold is present, restoration services will offer the means to rid your property of mold completely, whether it is in the attic, crawl space, basement, bathroom, air ducts, under the carpet, in the walls, on the floor of the garage around the washing machine or other places where mold is most likely to develop.

In most situations, the existence of mold is due to water leakage, either from a pipe, from water that is entering the house from outside, from condensation or from standing water that has been neglected. A restoration service can not only clean up the presence of mold and prevent it from recurring.

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