Mobile Marketing Solutions for Your Small Business


The idea of expanding into the mobile side of marketing if you’re operating a small business can seem like it will be a daunting task but it’s actually a lot simpler than you may think. You can start with something easy and the keep adding to what you have in order to increase your presence online and drive more traffic to your website and your brick and mortar business. Mobile marketing solutions are ways that you can utilize all of the tools available to you without giving yourself a headache or spending a fortune on getting started.

Put Yourself Out There
Social media can be set up by anyone, even those without much experience with using the internet and it’s a great way to get yourself out there so that your customers can find you online.

* Create profiles on the popular social media sites and display your logo, mission statement, and featured merchandise to give new customers an idea of what you’re about.

* Include links to your website, blog, and other profiles on each page so that people can find out more about your business easily.

* Post pictures, videos, consumer reviews, and stories about your business that cast it in a positive light. Ask customers for pictures of them using or wearing your merchandise happily and be sure to tag or mention them in your posts.

* Advertise about sales and post printable coupons on your social media pages. Give potential customers a reason to share your posts and extend your reach!

Social media is one of the easiest mobile marketing solutions to start with. Every consumer has apps for these sites on their smartphones and tablets and they are using them constantly. They’ll see one of your catalogs or hear the name of your business somewhere and look it up so you want to make sure that, when they do, they’ll be able to find you and connect with you!

Hit the Ground Running
As you build up your internet presence through social media or other means, you’ll want to keep that momentum going. You can create an app for your business or even scan codes that customers can pass along via cards or use for themselves to get coupons or exclusive information. These things are not as complicated as they seem at all and, if you find that your computer skills aren’t up to par, you can discuss your options for mobile marketing solutions with a professional and learn about what you can do with what you have. Arandell offers consultations for you to learn about these tools and how you can utilize them with knowledgeable professionals that will help you get on track and hit the ground running! Boost your small business’s internet presence today and you’ll see how fun and exciting it can be to grow your business.