Missing Teeth? Three Ways Dental Implants Improve Your Smile in Detroit, MI


Do you have missing teeth? If you think that uncomfortable partial dentures are your only option, think again. Whether you’re missing teeth due to an accident, decay, gum disease or illness, consider these three reasons to replace your lost teeth with dental implants in Detroit, MI.

Prevent Bone Loss

Without an active tooth root in place, the bone beneath a missing tooth begins to shrink as soon as the tooth is extracted. Replacing your tooth with an implant instead of a partial or denture prevents bone loss and helps preserve surrounding teeth.

Improve Chewing and Speech

Unlike partial dentures, a dental implant feels and functions just like your own natural teeth. Many patients experience significant improvements in chewing and speech when they get dental implants in Detroit, MI. Implants can even help you maintain a healthy weight through better nutrition.

Keep Teeth in Place

If you have a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth often shift into the empty space. This can cause your other teeth to become crooked, loosen or fall out. A dental implant fills the space left by your missing tooth to prevent surrounding teeth and their roots from moving.

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