Minnesota Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Specialists Prevent Fires

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Safety is a vital issue for all restaurant owners, and preventing fires is a key part of the business safety equation. Following proper cleaning recommendations is a first step to preventing fire. That means removing flammable trash before it is allowed to build up, repairing or replacing worn electrical cords, switches and fixtures, and maintaining proper clearances around cooking appliances. However, one of the primary causes of restaurant fires is allowing grease to accumulate in hoods and vents. Minnesota Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust service experts work with restaurant management to reduce the threat of fire caused by grease buildup.

Current regulations set out minimum requirements for the number of times hoods and ducts must be cleaned each year, but those requirements are not always sufficient to eliminate safety threats. While daily cleaning by staff generally keeps visible hood areas somewhat clean, the hidden areas still contain a significant buildup of grease. Monitoring those hidden areas is critical, as they provide an ideal ignition point for fire. Any fire, even one that is quickly extinguished, can result in significant downtime for the equipment and, potentially, for the business itself.

Scheduling routine inspections and cleaning is a normal part of the restaurant business, and professional service providers like Altemp Mechanical Inc (altempmech.com) work with restaurant management to minimize any disruption of business during the service process. Setting up a maintenance program not only helps to satisfy safety regulations, but also works to protect owners’ investments.

Other equipment should be inspected and maintained at the same time the hood and duct system is serviced. Ranges, for example, should be inspected and adjusted as needed to keep the appliance functioning properly. Regular maintenance by Minnesota Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust and equipment specialists help to reduce expenses by conserving energy, prolonging the life of equipment, and reducing food waste.

Experienced, trained professional technicians are employed by top maintenance providers to guarantee clients get the absolute best service possible. Reducing long term expenses through a controlled maintenance program is accomplished when all equipment is properly inspected and serviced on a regular basis. Service providers work with restaurant management to determine the optimum schedule to best ensure the maximum benefit for clients.

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