Metal Roofing Services in Bow, NH: Addressing Common Misconceptions


Contractors providing Metal Roofing Services in Bow, NH would like to address some misconceptions that many people still have about this type of material for the top of a house. As men and women see more metal roofs in residential neighborhoods with every passing year, they wonder why so many homeowners are making this choice. They are aware of the longevity of metal, which lasts for many decades. They can see that it’s an attractive home improvement feature that comes in broad range of colors. Yet they mistakenly believe certain myths about these roofs.

Noise During Rainfall

One misconception is that the material is noisy when rain is falling. The property owners may actually have been inside a building with a metal roof and heard the racket of raindrops hitting the top of the building. Today’s Metal Roofing Services in Bow, NH install residential roofs with a solid sheet of insulating material underneath. This makes the sound comparable to or even lower than that of rain hitting asphalt shingles.

A New Development?

Some men and women believe that metal roofing is too new a development to fully understand its durability and longevity. The truth is completely opposite of this. While aluminum has been a more recent development in metal roofs, tin and copper have been used for hundreds of years.

Lightning Strikes

Metal roofs are not more likely to be hit by lightning than asphalt shingles are. People get this idea because lightning rods are made of metal. Those rods are intended to be the highest point on the property, and that’s why lightning will hit there instead of a building.

Metal is the material of choice for lightning rods because it will not ignite the way a tree often does when struck. That’s another point in favor for metal roofs installed by a contractor such as Roof Doctors Of New England. On the highly unlikely chance that lightning ever does hit the roof, it will not start the building on fire. You can also visit them on Facebook.