Metal Buildings in Spokane, WA are Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Construction and Maintenance

It’s a big decision for a company to decide to build and occupy its own building. Along with the pride and convenience of ownership, there are many decisions that have to be made. Metal Buildings in Spokane WA are becoming more popular as companies learn about their many benefits. Commercial and industrial spaces may have to be large in order to accommodate a production line and large machinery. Metal roofs can span much larger distances than other types of roofs without columns in the structure for support. This gives the business owner much more flexibility in how they use the space.

Metal Buildings in Spokane WA are also very sustainable. Eco-friendly business owners are proud that 90 percent of the metals used in metal roofs and buildings come from recycled metals. When it is time for their building to be replaced, the rising prices of scrap metal will make recycling it an attractive choice. Because metal buildings last so much longer than other types of structures, there is no need to use fuel to bring additional materials to the site. Since the building will not need as many repairs, it will use fewer resources during its lifetime.
Metal buildings and roofs also withstand hail and high wind more easily than wood structures and shingles. They are also more fire-resistant. In addition to peace of mind, the business owner may see reduced insurance premium costs. It is a myth that metal buildings are more likely to be hit by lightning.

Some people are concerned that metal buildings might be noisy. New technologies and designs have reduced the noise that rain or hail can produce. If the customer is still concerned there is special insulation that can be placed under the metal roof to deaden the sound. Town and Country Builders Inc. of Spokane WA can address any additional concerns that people may have concerning metal buildings.

They have been constructing metal buildings since 1987. As second-generation builders they have a great deal of experience in all types of building techniques. There are many types of metal that can be used to construct a building. These experts can help their clients determine which type of metal is best suited to their needs.