Medical Treatment and Diet Changes for Relieving Allergies in Bethlehem PA


People suffering from seasonal Allergies in Bethlehem PA and other kinds of chronic allergic reactions may eventually seek help from an otolaryngologist, also known as an ear, nose and throat doctor. Many want to combine natural, holistic efforts for relieving symptoms with conventional medical treatment. The combination can be effective at helping these individuals feel better and avoid taking medication that produces some mild but unwanted side effects.

Skin Test

Specific Allergies in Bethlehem PA can be diagnosed with a skin test, during which the doctor makes tiny scratches on the skin and adds substances that are common allergens. Patients often already suspect what’s causing the problem and they mainly want confirmation of their suspicions.

Sensitivity vs. Allergy

Sometimes the culprit is a bit harder to track down. A person may have a sensitivity to a food such as soy, but not an actual allergy. The problem may have to be diagnosed through a food elimination diet. Foods that tend to cause issues are avoided for a specified time and then added back into the diet one by one. If symptoms return, the person now knows which food is connected.

Diet Changes May Help

Even when the allergy is not related to food, many people find that diet changes help reduce symptoms remarkably. For instance, dairy foods can thicken phlegm and make it more of an irritation than it already is. For this reason, doctors sometimes advise parents of young children with colds, flu or bronchitis to limit their milk intake until they recover. This may also help someone dealing with a stuffy or a runny nose and chronic coughing from hay fever. The allergy is not gone, but the symptoms are decreased.

Receiving Allergy Shots

That strategy doesn’t help everyone, however, which is one reason allergy sufferers seek assistance from a clinic like Allen ENT. They may opt to have routine injections commonly called allergy shots. These injections gradually desensitize the immune system to harmless substances, such as weed pollen and pet dander, to which it overreacts. Anyone who is interested in getting help may visit the website for further information.