Medical Marijuana: What Conditions Would Prompt a Doctor to Recommend It?


The use of medical marijuana is becoming more common. That’s because it can be used as a means of easing the discomfort associated with certain medical conditions. In other cases, it makes it easier to control a chronic condition. Here are three examples of conditions that motivate several medical marijuana doctors in Miami to provide patients with a recommendation.

Marijuana can be helpful in managing the pain that comes with many types of cancer. There are claims that it also helps with the side effects associated with receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy. For patients with terminal cancer, marijuana can help ease discomfort and provide a higher quality of life during whatever amount of time the patient has left.

There is evidence that marijuana can reduce the severity and frequency of epileptic seizures. This is true for condition involving petite mal seizures as well as grand mal ones. People who live with any form of epilepsy often find that they can function better and enjoy life a little more after one of the medical marijuana doctors in Miami help them receive a card and provide details on how to use the product responsibly.

Glaucoma damages optic nerves and leads to a gradual loss of vision. Along the way, the pressure on the nerves causes quite a bit of pain. Marijuana can help ease the pressure and keep the discomfort to a minimum. While the effect is only for a few hours, that respite can mean the world to someone who is living with constant eye pain.

There are other reasons why medical marijuana doctors in Miami would seek patients cleared to receive medical cards and have access to marijuana through an authorized dispensary. Would a health issue that you’re currently battling be eased using this approach? Talk to your doctor and find out. Marijuana could become a powerful tool in your fight to enjoy a more equitable quality of life.