Mastering the Art of Packing a Diaper Bag


As we go through life, there are many different things we are expected to master. If you are a mother, one of those things is packing the perfect diaper bag. Like a big handbag, you can fill the diaper bag to the rim, but that does not mean everything in it is a good choice. You can stuff a diaper bag and soon discover the end result is that it is impossible to find anything when you need it. Unfortunately, when you need something for a baby, you need it right now. Babies are seldom patient while mommy digs around trying to find a pacifier or a cookie.

To Each Her Own

What should go into a diaper bag? If you ask a dozen mothers, you will get a dozen different answers. The reason is simple and makes sense: each baby has different needs. Some babies need more bottles because they require special formula and eat more frequently than others, while others seem to need constant diaper changing.

The season also impacts what is packed into the diaper bag. If it is winter, there may be a need for an additional baby blanket or other warm clothing. If it is spring or summer, you may want to pack extra clothing for layering or leave room for removing clothes should the baby get warm. Of course, another consideration is the age of the child because newborns require less than older babies. For example, a month old child does not need several toys like a nine month old.

There are three designer diaper bag features that will determine how much you can carry: size, shape, and number of compartments and pockets. The essentials that should go into any diaper bag include:

* Diapers

* Moisture proof diaper disposal bag

* Baby wipes

* Bottle (one or more depending on the bag)

* Bib

* Pacifier

* Clean set of baby clothing with cap

* Hand sanitizer

* Swaddling blanket

Cloth diapers can serve several purposes besides its original intent of covering a baby bottom. For example, a diaper can be used as a burp cloth. A diaper can also be turned into an emergency changing pad or used to clean spit off your favorite shirt. High quality designer diaper bags come with built-in changing pads that fold up into the bag and are extremely convenient.

Adapting the Diaper Bag to a Growing Baby

Other items that should go into a diaper bag are for your personal use, if you do not want to carry a purse. One of the reasons designer diaper bags are styled to look like handbags is to make it easier on the mother. The diaper bag can hold baby items and a cell phone, wallet, keys and whatever else is important. Some women even carry an extra shirt for themselves for obvious reasons.

As an infant grows, additional items will need to go into the diaper bag. For example, you may need to carry a jar of food, a spoon and several toys. A lot of what is packed into the diaper bag will depend on the baby’s needs and the parents’ lifestyle.

You may want to purchase more than one diaper bag. A small one can be used for quick trips to run errands, like to the grocery store or the doctor’s office. A larger one can be packed for longer trips or when you will be away from the house for several hours. The art of packing a diaper bag is easy to master. You may forget something the first few times, but it will not be long before you are a pro.

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