The Many Roles of a Family Law Lawyer in Lancaster County

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Due to the nature of the cases that are heard in family court, it is often in the best interest of each party to find legal representation before the first hearing. Family court cases, whether they are concerning divorce, child custody or protection from abuse, are usually filled with emotion. Without an attorney, it can be difficult for you to present your case to a judge, especially if the other party is represented by counsel.

Family lawyers represent clients who are dealing with a variety of family issues, ranging from prenuptial agreements to child custody. An experienced Family Law in Fredericton can file the appropriate paperwork with the court to ensure that your rights are protected and, in the case of divorce, that you get your fair share of the marital assets. Your lawyer will listen to your concerns and will speak for you in court so the judge will hear more of the facts and less of the emotion that can get in the way of reason. Your former spouse will not upset or intimidate your attorney and get them to say things they later regret.

When you are deeply involved in an emotional situation such as divorce or child custody, you may be easily manipulated into signing documents that you don’t completely understand. Your Family Law Lawyer in Lancaster County will ensure that you understand all of the terms of an agreement before you sign and will work on your behalf to protect your interests. In many cases, your attorney can work with the other party’s attorney to attempt to negotiate a settlement that is fair to both of you.

By choosing them to handle your family court case, you will get the benefit of their vast legal experience. Going and Plank in Lancaster County was established in 1956 and is qualified to handle all aspects of family law, including adoption, grandparents’ rights, child and spousal support, divorce and child custody. Same-day appointments are often available for those in urgent need of legal representation. The aggressive lawyers have the knowledge and experience to protect your interests.