Managing a Premise Liability with an Insurance Claim Attorney in Silverdale


In Washington, premise liabilities relate to any accidents that occur due to the failures of a property owner. For example, premise liabilities in retail stores are often caused by uneven flooring, wet floors and crowded aisles. If the property owner doesn’t manage the hazards, they are liable if a visitor is injured. An insurance claim attorney in Silverdale helps victims of premise liabilities.

The Responsibilities of Property Owners

All property owners are responsible for any accident that occurs in or around their property. For this reason, it is necessary for the owner to perform vital repairs and mitigate common risks. If a visitor or service provider is injured, the property owner must provide compensation for the individual’s injuries.

Coverage for Common Liabilities

Homeowner’s and commercial liability insurance policies provide compensation for certain injuries that occur around properties. The coverage pertains to premise liabilities that are the fault of the property owner. They include but are not limited to slip and fall accidents, dog attacks, and injuries due to falling objects. The property owner must file an insurance claim to provide adequate coverage for the victim.

What to Do If Compensation Isn’t Available Through Insurance?

If the property owner refuses the file an insurance claim, the victim is within their rights to start a personal injury lawsuit against the property owner. The claim will include medical reports, invoices for medical expenses, and income statements for any wages the victim lost. The case is presented to the court and determined by a judge.

What Awards Are Possible in Premise Liability Cases?

In a premise liability case, the victim would receive full compensation for their medical expenses. If disability were produced, the property owner would be required to provide a lump sum settlement to replace future wages due to the victim’s inability to work.

In Washington, premise liabilities involve accidents that occur due to a failure to mitigate common risks. Property owners are responsible for keeping their properties up to code and eliminating hazards that could lead to injuries. A local attorney helps victims who are injured due to these failures. Victims who need to start a claim can contact an insurance claim attorney in Silverdale or visit us right now.