Make Living in a Student Apartment Easier with These Simple Tips

Apartment Building

Making the decision to move to an apartment instead of living on a college campus can be a bit frightening at first. Once you get organized and figure a few things that are different living on your own, it can be quite pleasant not being around large groups of people who live in the same building or in the same hallway.

Apartment Issues

While living in one of the student apartments in Riverside, CA, you want to make sure any issues involving the appliances or other components of the overall apartment are brought to the attention of your roommates and the landlord. Your roommates might not pay close attention to as many details as you do and see that a burner isn’t working properly or that the toilet is clogged.

Choosing Roommates

Even though you’ll have more space to do as you please in one of the student apartments in Riverside, CA, it doesn’t mean that you want to choose roommates who won’t respect your privacy. They should be people you choose who can keep common areas clean and who are respectful while living together.


When you move into your apartment, you want to set a schedule for chores. Consider assigning different jobs for everyone to do each week, changing them fairly often so that one person doesn’t have to do the same thing all the time. If you choose to live alone, then make a cleaning schedule so that you keep your home clean for your own health and for when others come to visit.

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