Maintenance Attorney Chicago


Two things happen in a divorce. First, the family gets divided into two households. The next, there is a possible need for one party to give financial assistance to the other in the form of providing for the spouse and the son or daughter.

Spousal Maintenance

Also known as alimony, this is an essential part of any divorce settlement. This is usually awarded to the party with zero means of supporting himself or herself. The standard of living the person has enjoyed throughout the marriage, the ability of the spouse asking for alimony to find a job and the ability of the other party to keep up with the payments are all factored in and considered.

Child Support

Children deserve to be given only the very best comforts and help, but a lot of parents do not seem to believe that and end up refusing to provide aid for all of the necessary expenses for them. In such cases, going to court might be the only recourse the other parent has in order to get the legal system to improve the situation and get the son or daughter the aid s/he needs, says Women 24. This is usually calculated based on the child’s direct and indirect costs.

Yes or No?

Alimony is a typically contested issue in many divorce cases. Others, who do not want to pay for financial assistance, are taken to court. Whether you want the other party to pay up for life or want to avoid spending that much money, you will need expert help to get you out of that fix. That is where an excellent spousal maintenance attorney comes in.

Get Help

The only way to move forward is to get the help of an excellent family law attorney. With proper legal advice, you will be able to look after your best interests as well as those of your son or daughter.