Maintaining a Healthy Balance of Calcium and Alkalinity in Your Aquarium


An important component of any healthy, stable marine or reef aquarium is the proper balance of calcium and alkalinity. For many reef keepers, consumes a significant amount of time to correct a chemical imbalance and maintain a healthy balance thereafter. Without a proper balance, corals and other reef organisms cannot grow or flourish. And the problem can be challenging to rectify once it begins.

Using a calcium reactor is an important and effective way to help balance the alkalinity of a marine or reef aquarium. Those who are new to marine husbandry and reef aquariums benefit from this simple hands-off method of adjusting and regulating calcium and alkalinity. Even the most experienced aquarists find value in the assistance provided by this low-maintenance technique to establish and regulate the health of a tank’s ecosystem.

The major benefit of an automatic calcium reactor is how little work it requires once it is up and running. A properly set up calcium reactor can maintain or increase calcium levels with little intervention. Particularly for large reef aquariums, which are known for their high calcium requirements, calcium reactors are a simple and straightforward way to keep a tank healthy and balanced. They are a valuable investment into the overall lifespan of your aquarium.

Available in various sizes and volumes, automatic calcium reactors regulate CO2 levels, which means you no longer need to manually adjust effluent flow or frequently clean pH probes in order to keep your system’s alkalinity stable. This helps your reef aquarium to grow and mature healthily. As tanks mature and need more calcium, the automatic calcium reactors can be adjusted to address their requirements. Using a simple digital controller, you can adjust the flow and get back to enjoying your aquarium.

An automated calcium reactor is a must-have item for a reef aquarium at any stage of its life cycle.