How to Obtain a Traditional Feminine Appearance in Plano Texas

Transgender Surgeons

Transitioning to a female is a personal and unique journey. There is no such thing as the right way to transition. You should take the time to think about what you want. Read on to find out about how to obtain a traditionally feminine appearance.

Ideal Body Types

Mainstream media sets the trend of the ideal body type for a woman. Currently, the perfect body type is an hourglass figure. Jennifer Lopez is an example of someone with this body shape. When transitioning, you must decide how you want to look.

Some transwomen want to get hormone replacement therapy (HRT), undergo gender reassignment surgery (GRS), or seek no medical treatment. If you would like to appear more traditionally feminine, you may want to consider body feminization surgery.

Surgical Procedures

You should keep a private journal to work out your feelings. Some people get stuck in their head and have a hard time making decisions. It is important to determine your end goals for this transition. Body feminization surgery may include liposuction in the stomach area, breast implants, and buttock augmentation. These procedures will improve your self-image and give you a boost of confidence.

Try Hormone Therapy

You may want to try hormone therapy before having the surgeries. Hormone therapy can shift your body fat to create a more feminine body shape. This treatment is a good option when transitioning as an adult.

It helps to confide in someone that you trust or join an online transgender support group. Contact International Center for Transgender Care at to schedule a consultation.