Looking for a Top Law School in Los Angeles?

Law Schools

Has applying to a top law school been your major ambition? If so, you should know that if you are looking for a Top Law School in Los Angeles, Pacific Coast University School of Law has been around since 1927 preparing students to enter the law profession. The love of law goes beyond financial enumeration for most people, but it does help to know that lawyers are among the highest paid professions in the United States. Acceptance at a top law school can be difficult, so advance planning is vital. You can assure a seamless transition from your Bachelor’s degree to law school.

Most law schools require at least a Bachelor’s degree. If you have an associate’s degree or a certain amount of an Associate’s degree completed, you may be accepted pending your completion of those credits. Choosing a major should be carefully thought out. Certain majors, including economics, journalism and philosophy have been shown to have a greater rate of acceptance at top law schools. Any undergraduate degrees that emphasize critical thinking skills, a great deal of writing and a large amount of reading will offer you a better chance both at admission and eventual success. Your GPA is extremely important for law school admission. The higher the better obviously. Most schools require a minimum of 2.0, but the median GPA for law school acceptance is 3.42. Top law school requirements can go much higher, so focus on getting and keeping your GPA as high as possible through out your undergraduate career. Other considerations include extracurricular activities, your involvement with student government and participating in internships.

Another factor to consider when thinking about a Top Law School in Los Angeles is the LSAT, the Law School Admission Test. The LSAT is a standardized test that measures critical thinking and reasoning skills, reading and analytical ability. The exam is given four times a year: February, June, October and December and takes about a half day to complete. Preparation for this exam is vital. You can be prepared by taking classes, working with a tutor and by taking the practice exams on the LSAT site.