Looking for Safe, Cost-Effective Pet Boarding in Sugar Land? Here’s What You Should Know

Pets And Animals

According to the latest National Pet Owners Survey, it is estimated that approximately 68% of American households have some type of pet, which signifies a striking 12% upturn from figures reported in 1988.

Additionally, you might want to know that about 36% of dog owners and 65% of cat owners attested to utilizing some type of pet-sitting or pet boarding service during the past 12 months.

As such, it shouldn’t come as a shock to find out that the grooming and pet boarding niche in the US is worth well over $8 billion, especially when bearing in mind the fact that there are somewhere between four to eight million new pet owners per year.

The Advantages of Professional Veterinary Boarding

We love our precious companions and it’s safe to say that we experience some apprehensions when considering what to do when we leave town or can’t keep our furry buddies at home for an extended stretch of time. In this regard, you have to understand that expert pet boarding in Sugar Land is one of the most accessible, convenient options at your disposal:

  • Customizable care schedules ranging from a single day to multiple overnight stays
  • Modernized facilities that are always immaculately cleaned and climate-controlled
  • Highly trained veterinary specialists are always on standby
  • Comfortable, well-equipped boarding units to keep your pet safe

Most remarkably, pet boarding is actually far more economical than you’d think, which means that this type of attention and care can be adapted to fit everyone’s budget whether it is big or small.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Boarding Center?

If you’d like to be able to rest easy knowing that your beloved pooch or kitten is in the best of hands and properly cared for, feel free to visit the Greatwood Veterinary Hospital a couple of days prior to your departure.

You’ll have a chance to create a cost-conscious boarding plan and to establish a responsive line of communication with an in-house expert.