What to Look for When Buying Container Bolt Seals


Bolt locks, sealers, and security seals can all refer to container bolt seals.  If you are unaccustomed to using them, then you should probably take the time to familiarize yourself with the jargon prior to making a purchase.  It is essential to fully understand what these seals are used for prior to trying to use them.  Below is a handy guide on what these security seals are used for and how much they normally cost to buy.

What are Container Bolt Seals?
These security seals are exceedingly strong locking devices that function much like a pad lock.  They are meant for a one time use and once the seal is broken it will need to be replaced.  At a glance they are galvanized steel bolds that come in red, green, yellow or orange that are meant to be high security seals or locks.  Usually the bolt seals are sequenced in either a numeric or alphanumeric character.  The bolt seals are approved by both the United States and the United Kingdom Customs divisions.  Furthermore, they are ISO/PAS 17712 compliant and are considered to be high security seals that are ISO/PAS 17025 lab approved.  The seals are barrier security seals that ensure the maximum safety for containers. Bolt seals can lock all container doors.

Things to Consider
You should ensure that the container bolt seals are customizable.  There should also be an option to place your logo on the seal as well.  Furthermore, when it comes to customization, there should be an option for numeric and alphanumeric coding as well.  Flexible seals are also a viable option as opposed to the hardened bolt that is normally used.

When it comes to making a purchase consider what may have been used previously and what is currently deemed necessary for your particular situation.  There are many different types of seals, however the most popular is the flexible, color-coded seal.  Keep in mind that these seals are meant to be tamper resistant.  So once you seal the seal you cannot open it and reseal – it is meant to be used much like a one-time pad lock.

Understanding high security seals and their uses is not difficult.  The key is in knowing how you are going to use the bolt.