What You Should Do Before A Local Plumber In Naperville Arrives At Your House


When you have a plumbing problem at your home or business, you can’t wait for days to have it repaired. When you call a Local Plumber Naperville area professional, you can often get same day service, so it won’t be long until your water issue is repaired. When you have a plumbing emergency, follow these steps until the plumber arrives.

Turn Off The Water

If your plumbing problem is a busted pipe and you have water spraying everywhere, turn off the main water valve before you even call the plumber. The shutoff valve is normally located outside in front of your house. Look for a circular metal cover, lift the cover up and you’ll see a handle. Turn the handle to the right to turn off the water and replace the cover. If you don’t see the water meter outside, it may be located in your basement. Now that you have the water turned off and you’ve called the plumber, you can clean up the water on your floor.

Clear A Path

Before the plumber arrives, make sure that he can easily get to the area where he needs to do the plumbing repairs. If your kitchen faucet has a busted pipe, clean everything out from underneath the sink so the plumber can do his job without anything being in the way. When cleaning out from under the sink, don’t pile everything on the floor in front of the sink as the plumber may need this area as a work space. If the plumber needs to go to your basement to look at your hot water heater, make sure there’s nothing blocking the front of the appliance.

Pets and Children

If you have pets in your house, put the pets in another room and shut the door before the Local Plumber Naperville area professional arrives. The plumber may frighten your pets and your pets may frighten the plumber. If you have small children in the house, don’t let them get too close to the plumber and his tools while he’s making the repairs. Your child could accidentally get hurt and a small child may distract the plumber.

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