Living on or Off Base for Military Officers Lodging in Norfolk

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All service personnel, regardless of where they are stationed, have access to military housing. However, there is also something known as military officers lodging in Norfolk that not all service members have access to. You can explore any possible exceptions to this restriction with a recruiter.

With so many housing choices available, most service members should have no problem finding accommodation that meets their requirements.

Living on Base

All military personnel start their careers off by living on base. During Basic Training, service members live in what is known as the barracks. There are separate quarters for male and female recruits. The barracks offer shared living quarters, using bunks in a large room with a shared bathroom facility.

After basic training and as service members move up in their rank, their housing options get better, including those on base. Single members can live in a complex that is similar to a college dorm. Officers living on base have the option of military officers lodging in Norfolk, including apartments or single-family homes.

Living Off Base

To compensate those service personnel who qualify to reside off base, the government provides them with a housing allowance (BAH). When calculating BAH, the military considers a service member’s pay grade, number of dependents, and the cost of living in the area. The goal is to ensure that every service member gets the pay they need to cover their specific living situation.

Military personnel stationed in more costly metropolitan areas will earn more pay than those stationed in cheaper rural areas. Similarly, a married service member with children will be compensated better than an unmarried service member because of their family status. For more information, please visit Boardwalk Realty & Development.