Living In Chelsea, New York, New York

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Situated on the West Side of Manhattan, New York City is the downtown neighborhood of Chelsea. This vibrant community is bounded by 14th St. to 29th St. and Broadway to the Hudson River. This makes it ideal for so many different things. In fact, as soon as people hear of an apt for sale in Chelsea, New York, the fortunate owner and real estate agent are flooded with calls.

Attractions of Chelsea

Chelsea is one of those places that somehow manages to keep one foot in its historic past while still being modern. It has everything both tourists and residents look for and enjoy. You can take in the nightlife, take pleasure in the fashion scene and be revived by the vibrant art galleries. The gay scene in Chelsea still remains alive, although perhaps not as prominent as it has been in years past.

Nor is Chelsea lacking in shopping and dining opportunities or recreation. Finding rental apartments, or coming across an apt for sale in Chelsea New York can make someone’s day. Especially since this means they can at last explore tow of the neighborhood’s treasures to their heart’s content. At last, they can fully acquaint themselves with both Chelsea Market and the Highline.

Chelsea Market

Welcome to one of the classiest markets in Manhattan. The Chelsea Market opened in the old Nabisco factory in 1997. The factory’s floors and exposed brick walls are still visible as patrons wander through the building. Here, like many markets, you find everything from fresh produce and delectable baked goods to take out meals. To indicate the importance of the Chelsea Market to foodies, let it suffice to say the Food Network headquarters is located upstairs.

The High Line

Running high overhead and back of Chelsea Market are the abandoned tracks of an elevated system of trains. This currently is the High Line. From here, you can see views of the neighborhood and all that surrounds it. It is the perfect, inexpensive place to see both the modern and older architectural structures of the Chelsea.

Tourists and regulars visit this track that became a park in 1999. Currently owned by the City of New York, by the community-based group, Friends of the High Line operates it and addresses fund raising issues. Where once trains clattered, people walk and jog amidst the wildflowers. This public space is where the neighborhood holds family events and fitness classes. Going there is truly a unique experience.

Chelsea is a pulsating neighborhood. It has so much to offer its visitors. It provides even more for those who are so lucky to purchase an apt for sale. In Chelsea New York, life thrives amid the townhouses, pre-war cop buildings and those luxurious buildings that even have a concierge. It is a nice life if you can get it.

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