Live the Ultimate Life of Glamour and Style in Manhattan

Real Estate

Songs have been written about it, it’s been the backdrop for innumerable movies and television shows, and even a drink has been named for it! Manhattan conjures up everything vibrant about New York City, about wealth and privilege, and comfort and convenience. In fact, the very name is aspirational. It has been said that Manhattan is where you move to when finally you’ve ‘made it’. It’s been that way for decades, and it’s probably even more so today. Of course, with a whopping price tag attached to most luxury condos for sale in Manhattan, it tends to cater for young professionals who have established themselves and are ready to graduate to the next level. Once they join the well-heeled crowd, few leave, after all they’ve reached the top.

Living in Manhattan

There’s much that is great to say about living in this part of NYC. It’s an upscale area, but the residents feel the price is justified by what’s being offered. For a start the buildings and apartment high-rises are beautiful, some are pre-war with magnificent facades, and these sit in comfortable juxtaposition next to elegant towers of glass and chrome. Manhattan is known for having the best schools and parks in New York, so it’s perfect for young families. For the double-income parents, this is ‘nanny-land’ and young girls from all parts of the globe can be found pushing strollers through the leafy streets and in Central Park. Mingling with the old school are the growing numbers of staff who attend to their employers’ needs. On their days off they can be found wandering through one of the many museums on ‘Museum Mile’ or enjoying a drink at a sidewalk bar and watching the glamorous and exclusive world go by.

Tourists in Manhattan

Tourists flock to NYC and Manhattan is at the top of many must-see lists. Part of the reason for this is the plethora of celebrities who have made their homes here, and spotting a famous face is always a thrill for an out-of-towner. Many of the wealthier tourists are also snapping up luxury condominiums for sale knowing that having a slice of real estate in this part of the city is a good investment, and wanting to ensure that they can make many more trips to this vibrant place any time they feel the urge. For tourists, there are endless sights of beautiful buildings and magnificent mansions belonging to the elite. The shopping is among the best in the world and the nightlife bears out New York’s title as being ‘the city that never sleeps’.

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