Little Known Facts About Minneapolis Granite Countertops

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If you’ve ever shopped around for countertops, you’ve probably run across granite countertops. As such you probably know all the general details of granite as to how luxurious and expensive it looks and how much it cost. But when you’re looking for Minneapolis granite countertops, you’re going to hear a few things that might surprise you and it’s important to know a little more detail about granite countertops in order to dispel some rumors and to decide whether granite countertops from Granite Unlimited Inc. is the right choice for your homes bathroom or kitchen.

The first thing is that while granite is not negatively affected by high amounts of heat, most professionals will encourage you to use hot pads rather than subjecting the granite to a high amount of direct heat. The reason for this is while heat won’t stain the granite, some of the composites within granite such as mica and feldspar can actually chip when subjected to too much heat. For that reason, direct heat should be avoided in order to ensure that your granite countertops aren’t damaged.

For some time there was discussion about radon levels increasing with the presence of granite in a kitchen or bathroom. While radon can be a problem within homes, granite isn’t a significant contributor. While it is true that there is some natural radon within granite, the levels are too low to be of any serious concern. In fact, the levels are so low that even a standard home radon testing kit wouldn’t show levels that typically exist within granite countertops.

Lastly, while granite is durable, it is not bulletproof. Granite needs to be sealed at least every year if not every six months depending on how much usage it gets. The best way to determine if it needs to be resealed it is if water beads on the surface. If water doesn’t bead on the granite, it needs to be resealed in order to protect its porous surface.

Whether it’s cost, whether it’s beauty or whether it’s the practical usage of granite, Minneapolis granite countertops are an excellent choice for your kitchen or bathroom. By understanding some of the costs as well as some of the useful applications for granite and knowing a little bit more about the material can help you make a more informed decision when purchasing countertop materials.