Let Professional Carpet Cleaners Find the Source of Pet Odors

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Everyone’s familiar with pet odors because the smell is often strong and hard to get rid of, no matter how often you clean it. The enzymes in pet waste are extremely concentrated, making it hard for the average carpet cleaner to break down the enzymes and eat away the odor. That’s why many homeowners rely on room sprays or frequent disinfectant cleanings to try and combat the smell of pet odors.

Over time, an odor can dissipate, but lying on the carpet makes it easy to smell the lingering odor. Professional carpet cleaners that specialize in pet odor removal in The Woodlands, TX area can help you get rid of lingering pet odors by finding the source of the smell and using the proper cleaners and techniques to break it down and remove the smell.

Locating the Source of the Odor

In order to completely remove pet odors, you must find the source of the odor. Carpets frequently soiled in the same place can have the odor emanating from the carpet pad or the flooring underneath the pad. If the flooring substrate is wood, urine may have soaked into the wood grain. Cleaning the surface of the carpet can help to fight some of the odor, but once it soaks into the pad and flooring, you will always have a lingering smell. With professional pet odor removal, The Woodlands, TX carpet cleaners can assess the surface carpet, the carpet pad, and the flooring substrate to determine the best method of removing stains and odors.

Removing Odors from Upholstery

Pet odor from fur, dander, and dirt can affect the smell and appearance of your furniture. Pets often track in a good amount of dirt and debris on their feet and fur. If you allow your pets to access your furniture, then you may notice discoloration and odor on the fabric. Most upholstery fabrics are easily cleaned and treated, eliminating odors and brightening the fabric. With professional pet odor removal, The Woodlands, TX area homeowners don’t have to worry about their pets being a nuisance indoors. When you schedule your appointment for professional cleaning, make sure you let the company know that you need pet odor removal so that the cleaners can bring the proper equipment and cleaning products.

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