Whether it is a first apartment, an area where there are not a lot of large living spaces, or a matter of downsizing, many people find themselves living in small spaces. It can be difficult to furnish a small apartment, but when it is done right, not only can a small apartment remain uncluttered and look great, the right furniture and decorations can actually make a small space look larger. The trick is to choose furniture that is functional, and whenever possible, has more than one purpose. This will allow people to have a comfortable living space without feeling cramped, even in the smallest of apartments.

Shopping for furniture can be loads of fun, and it is easy when one has help. The professionals at Ashley Furniture in Chicago can help customers choose items for any room, no matter how large or small it is. They have many items that are ideal for storage and everyday use, including book shelves, entertainment centers, and a whole lot more. Before shopping for furniture, take a look around the living space and figure out what is needed, and what the storage requirements are. Find the focal point of every room, then create a furnishing plan from this point.

When choosing furniture such as sofas and chairs, keep in mind that bright colors and patterns will actually make a room look smaller. Lighter colors with small or no patterns will flow nicer, and make the space look more open. Monochromatic color schemes are great for small spaces will help keep rooms looking open and light. Don’t forget to bring along a measuring tape. It can be quite disappointing to pick out a piece of furniture, then get it home and discover that it doesn’t fit in the space it is meant for. When shopping at Ashley Furniture in Chicago, customers can get plenty of great advice about which furniture items are best for small spaces, including multi-purpose furniture.

Ask the representatives at Ashley Furniture about ideas for storage furniture and multi-purpose items, including sofa-beds, tables with storage shelves, stacking tables, television stands with storage, and more.

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