Learning More About ATU (Aerobic Treatment Units) in Maui


If you live in Maui, you know that people care about the environment. That is why sewage or wastewater treatment must be handled differently. Instead of using regular septic systems, wastewater treatment is done differently.

Getting More Information

You can find out more about ATU (aerobic treatment units) in Maui when you speak to a company that handles septic and wastewater waste in this manner. This special process uses organic treatments to break down waste. In other words, ATUs employ oxygen to break down the organic matter, just as municipal water treatment systems do.

Suspended Growth

While you will find a large number of ATU (aerobic treatment units) used in processing, the regular procedure is known as suspended growth. These units feature a main compartment that is known as an aeration chamber to break down waste. Air is forced into the chamber before it is mixed with the wastewater. This in turn, produces an environment where bacteria become free-floating in the liquid. The bacteria digest the suspended growth or solids.

The Importance of Maintenance

When this type of ATU (aerobic treatment units) process is used, maintenance must be integrated more regularly. That is because maintenance supports the life and performance of the aerobic treatment units that are much more complex than traditional septic systems.

Find Out More About the Overall Process

If you would like to learn more about this wastewater procedure, you need to contact a company such as Valley Isle Pumping today. Find out all you can about the process as it can serve you well, especially when you work with a specialist in the field. You can also connect with them on Facebook.