Learning How To Apply Residential Window Tint In Cincinnati, Ohio

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Window tint can help keep the inside of a home at a moderate temperature and assist with blocking the sun’s rays. It can also improve the appearance of glass. The following steps describe the proper way to install Residential Window Tint in Cincinnati Ohio.


* glass cleaning agent

* soft cloth

* utility knife

* razor blade

* spray misting bottle

* mild detergent

* water

* vinyl tarp

* measuring tape

* roll of window tint

* latex gloves

* scissors

* squeegee

Cleaning And Preparing The Work Area

A glass cleaning agent needs to be sprayed onto a soft cloth before wiping the interior side of each glass pane that will be covered with tint. Hardened residue on the windowpanes can be removed with the tip of a utility knife or a razor blade. A spray bottle needs to be filled with warm water and a few drops of mild detergent. A vinyl tarp that is laid underneath each windowpane will protect the flooring from soapy water.

Applying Tint

The length and width of each windowpane should be measured. A pair of scissors can be used to cut a piece of tint that is the same size as each pane. If a pair of latex gloves are worn, fingerprints will not appear on each piece of tint. Tint needs to be pressed firmly against the glass that has been sprayed with an even amount of soapy water. Soapy water can be sprayed across the edges of each piece of residential window tint in Cincinnati Ohio to help hold each piece in place. If tint becomes wrinkled while it is being applied, a squeegee can be moved across each piece to smooth them all out. Tint needs to dry before windows are opened and closed.

Residential tint comes in several shades and can be purchased to cover glass panes of all sizes.Gentle cleaning agents and tools should be used to remove smudges from tint. By avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools, the tint will remain damage-free and may last for several years.