Learning East Coast Swing Dance Moves Is Quite Exciting

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Dancing provides a fun way to get much-needed exercise. There are many different styles of dance, and many take lessons in order to learn specific moves. East Coast Swing Dance is a very popular style, and it is a lot of fun as well. It is probably the most famous American folk dance. Many feel that taking lessons is a great way to relax and to enjoy themselves, and this is most definitely true. It can also be quite enjoyable to take group lessons with several friends. This type of activity provides a great deal of exercises, and it gives one the chance to fine-tune their skills.

The most common forms of swing dance include the Charleston, Shag and Black Bottom. In the 1940’s these forms were all consolidated into what is now known as the Lindy. It includes shuffling steps in both double and triple time. There are many different interpretations of swing dancing and in some cases, acrobatics is included. The use of upper body sway and a quick shuffling movement makes up the core of this lively form of dance. Many love this style because free rhythmic interpretation is encouraged and very common.

Many take lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios because they have so much to offer. One can choose from private lessons or group instruction. Classes are available during different time frames in order to accommodate varying schedules. This is a fun and affordable way to learn a new skill and to get some exercise in the process. The staff is very experienced and have a lot to offer. After taking lessons, it can be great fun to go to a club and show off the moves. This is a great group activity as well.

Many worry that they are too old to learn something new, but this is simply untrue. One is never too old to learn a new skill and learning East Coast Swing Dance is very enjoyable. This is a fantastic way to get some exercise and to learn this lively dance. It is important to work with an experienced dance studio that has a lot to offer.

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