Learn about the Common Pollutants to Find Out Why You Should Consider Indoor Air Quality Testing in Kissimmee

Air Conditioning

When you breathe, you probably don’t necessarily notice the air around you, but it could be affecting your breathing, making it more difficult to breathe and causing your allergies to flare up.

Indoor air quality testing services in Kissimmee will find all of the most common pollutants in your home’s air and remove them, allowing you to breathe easier.

The first pollutant is radon. This is an odorless and colorless gas and can cause lung cancer. You may be wondering how something so bad could get into your air; any kind of soil will emit low doses of radon. These will not harm you normally, but if you have a poor foundation, the radon can flow into the lower levels of the house and reach unsafe levels. If you breathe it in, you could become sick.

Asbestos is another thing that occurs naturally and can be harmful. It is common knowledge that asbestos can cause many problems. Many older buildings used asbestos in their building materials and in some cases, those buildings were never modernized. Therefore, you could still be breathing it in. Indoor air quality testing in Kissimmee is the only way to find out if there is asbestos in your home.

Another pollutant includes volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are in so many consumer products, such as shower curtains, glue, printers and paint. These compounds have a low boiling point; many people believe they are fine as long as the home is comfortable, but even at room temperature, these compounds release a lot of vapor. Testing can be done for air quality purposes; if you have high levels of VOCs, then consider unplugging those items whenever they are not being used.

A very common pollutant is mold. It can grow anywhere there is moisture, such as in showers. If you have recently had a leak in the home, you might want to consider testing the air for mold spores because health effects can include skin problems, nasal problems and asthma. People that breathe in mold spores can become incredibly ill, and they may not even be aware that the problem exists. By checking for pollutants, you will keep yourself and your family much healthier.