Learn All About the History of Chicago’s Skyline on A River Cruise


Whether you’re a native to The Windy City or just passing through on vacation, the skyline is a breathtaking sight that will surely leave you in awe. The most straightforward way to get a good view of the horizon is to take a river tour, but this is the best architecture cruise in Chicago because of the entertaining and educational guides that embark on each trip down the river and out to Lake Michigan.

Certified CAFC Guides

There’s no better source to find your information about the Chicago skyline than the Chicago Architecture Foundation Center. If you’re looking for a way to keep the family entertained on a day trip, these river cruises should be at the top of your to-do list. Each guide has been highly trained and certified by the CAFC so that you get only the facts delivered with enthusiasm and wit.

Select A Tour Option

All that’s left is to decide when to embark on your journey to learn more about the beautiful city of Chicago. There are seven cruise ships in the fleet altogether, so there is always something exciting happening out on the water. Whether you want to join in on a relaxing Sunday morning yoga class on a cruise ship or see the city’s sites as they come to life with the glow of the setting sun, you’re sure to find an entertaining experience you won’t soon forget.

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