Lawn Irrigation in Wichita KS: Effective Techniques That Experts Recommend

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Presence of dry patches, brown spots and shoe imprints on your lawn are clear indicators that your grass is dying. Therefore, you need to ensure that it is sufficiently watered to restore its lost glory and also give your home the appealing landscape that it once had. In order to choose the best lawn irrigation method and also receive advice on how to care for your lawn, you need to enlist the services of experts. Some of the common methods for lawn irrigation in Wichita KS that these experts recommend are discussed below.

To keep your lawn constantly watered, you can use drip irrigation. This method provides small amounts of water continuously thus helping you use your water efficiently. It uses a soaker hose to deliver water to the ground level which makes it easy for it to reach the roots. Lawns that are irrigated through this technique have deeply rooted grass because of its ability to deliver water into the ground and not top of the grass. Despite its effectiveness, this technique is not ideal for those who have large lawns because of the extensive pipework that will be needed.

Many homeowners use water sprinklers for lawn irrigation in Wichita KS. Overhead sprinklers are not only simple to implement but also economical for large lawns. All you need is a timed sprinkler to ensure that your lawn is evenly irrigated. The main challenge facing their use is the choice of the sprinkler head and type. However, this can be overcome by consulting professionals such as Rain Link, Inc. who can also advise you on an effective watering routine based on your soil type. Other than using overhead sprinklers, you can also invest in state of the art underground ones whose heads only come up when you need to water the lawn.

Combining sprinklers and drip irrigation can also help many homeowners achieve the 1 inch water depth requirement for their lawns. In such cases, drip irrigation is used along the edges while sprinklers cover the rest of the lawn. Remember, for any of these techniques to produce the desired results, you need to choose carefully the right time to water the lawn.