Laser Acne Treatment is a Viable Option


For patients who have suffered for years from a stubborn acne problem and have tried solutions, creams, washes, over-the-counter drugs, and even prescription medications to no avail, laser acne treatment provides a viable alternative. As part of a more holistic plan that makes use of other forms of treatment, as well, laser acne treatment can provide therapy for your skin and help you to see results. Adding laser acne treatment to a prescription regimen, for instance, can greatly improve conditions and result in clearer skin.

Various kinds of laser light are used in treatments, as determined by a dermatologist, including blue light, infrared light, and photopneumatic light. Blue light is for the treatment of more superficial problems, pimples, and coarse skin. Infrared can treat acne inflammation. Photopneumatic light therapy can treat blackheads, as well as remove excess oil in clogged cells.

While the technology is useful, it is still really in its infancy, and there is no guarantee that laser acne treatment will work for you. It works very well for some people, but not for others, and so far, there has not been discovered any way to predict how it will work for any one individual. The solution is more or less trial-and-error. For those who it does work, laser acne treatment usually does not completely clear the skin, but it is successful in clearing much of the skin in many instances.

A laser acne treatment plan is not a one-time deal. You will have to come back for several treatments over a period of time for it to have any effect. Each treatment lasts 15-20 minutes, and depending on what method you use, you may need more than one treatment a week for a few or several weeks. Results are not usually permanent, and acne medication may be needed in order to provide maintenance to your skin.

There are some side effects that are possible for some people, such as redness or inflammation, both of which can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. More serious side effects are also possible, but very rare.

As more research into laser and light treatments for skin conditions continues to help dermatologists develop effective procedures continues, laser acne treatment may eventually become the best way to implement a plan to eliminate acne. While this is the hope of many doctors, dermatologists, and patients who suffer from moderate to severe acne, the science and technology is not quite there yet.

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